• CPRB 6 O15 Vento Start - Oil-free 1.5 HP 6 L 4116023472

    NZ$402.50 (inc GST)

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    Handy 1.5 HP Oil-free Compressor

    The CPRB 6 O15 Vento Start is a perfect compressor for home use and interior work such as floor carpeting. It is ideal for blowing away dust, inflating tyres, nailing and stapling. You can put it in the car and take it with you everywhere without worrying about oil spilling. The CPRB 6 O15 Vento Start is well-designed and truely handy for everyday's compressed air demands.

    Key Benefits

    • Oil-free
    • Compact
    • Light weight : 9.5 kg
    • Direct On Line (DOL) Starter
    • Good for carpeting & interior work


    Ideal Usage Home use, Interior work
    Pump Displacement 180 L/min (6.4 CFM)
    Motor Size 1.5 hp (1 kW)
    Tank Sizes 6 L
    Maximum Pressure 8 bar (116 psi)
    Type Direct Drive Piston
    Weight 9.5 kg
    Dimensions 330 x 360 x 350 mm
    Noise Level 90 dB(A)