• Cast Iron 3 HP piston compressor with 50 L receiver (16 cfm / 8 bar) SF302HD

    NZ$1,823.90 (inc GST)

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    Continuous Duty 3 HP Piston Compressor (16 cfm 8 bar) 

    SF302 is cast iron 3-cylinder piston compressor. It is built for continuous duty in a professional workshop. If you are after an intermittent use compressor,  we recommend a two cylinder compressor or compressors with aluminium pumps.

    3-cylinder pumps means that the compressor runs at lower rpm; resulting in reduced wear and a longer lifetime. This compressor has a Condor pressure switch, which is covered by a 2 year warranty. This compressor also features a continuous run mode. When activated, the pressure switch is disabled and does not switch off the motor. Instead, the compressors' valves remain open to stop the pressure build-up. This mode prevents motor cycling and is needed when air consumption is high, which can lead to the motor frequently turning off and on. Continuous run mode is a smart way to avoid motor cycling so you can stay with a compact 50 litre tank, rather than to going to a more bulky 90 litre tank. 

    This compressor is driven by 3HP single phase compressor with IP54 protection.

    For protection of your tools, this compressor is equipped with a water separator-filter and pressure regulator.


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    Key Benefits

    • Tough 3-cylinder cast iron pump
    • 16 cfm from single phase 3HP
    • Low speed pump designed to last longer
    • Compact with 50 L air receiver
    • 2 year warranty on pressure switch
    • Continuous run mode
    • Integrated waterseparator-filter


    Ideal Usage Professional workshop
    Pump Displacement 16 CFM
    Motor Size 3 hp (2.2 kW)
    Tank Sizes 50 L
    Maximum Pressure 8 bar
    Type Single Stage Belt Drive Cast Iron Piston
    Weight 80 kg
    Dimensions 930 x 380 x 750 mm
    Noise Level 93 dB(A)