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Energy Savings and Benefits

Here at Ash Air, we're passionate about our environment. We've calculated our energy saving solution, to show you our contribution to our beloved country, New Zealand.

We're passionate about our environment | Ash Air


ICONS stands for Intelligent Connectivity System which will give you the performance data of your machine. You will be able to optimise the efficiency of your air system. There will be no need for service logbooks any longer. Ask our sales representatives about ICONS. 

ICONS Remote Monitoring | Ash Air

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Our Contribution

Energy Saving

Our passion for energy efficiency and cost saving derives from the concern for our children’s future. Analysing the efficiency of your system is a brilliant way to start saving. Our certified engineers can analyse your system with leak detection equipment and data loggers and suggest the best solution for you.

Leak Detection

Compressed air leaks can commonly account for 20-50% of a plant’s total compressed air consumption. Frequently, fixing leaks is as simple as tightening a loose connector and as such can provide an extremely attractive payback period. Ash Air have qualified technicians for ultrasonic air leak detection, who can not only detect the leaks but can provide on the spot repairs. Most leak detetion programs that are carried out do not offer this service as standard but at Ash Air we can save you money from the minute we start on your site.

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Energy Audits

The benefits of a Compressed Air Audit, are the potential reductions in the operating costs for the end user; this in turn will improve the productivity of the manufacturing process. Ash Air can tailor a compressed air audit to suit your needs. If a walk through audit is sufficient one of our team of trained staff can carry this out, and feed this information back to you in a professional report with actions and recommendations.

We can also offer full in depth audits; with a comprehensive data logging of your compressed air equipment on site. As a result of this, we can propose recommendations to enhance the operation of your equipment on site. Energy represents the largest cost associated with operating an industrial compressor and therefore represents the largest opportunity for savings. One way Ash Air can help to calculate your energy consumption is through the use of a data loggers. During off load running, fixed speed compressors deliver no air but can still consume between 20-40% of full load power.

At Ash Air we know it's important to understand a users air demand so that the best solution can be identified in order to save energy losses. Data Loggers can be connected to the incoming electricity supply which records a reading of the incoming Amps every 90 seconds over a seven day period. This data is then downloaded from the data logger into a software package. Graphs and reports can be produced to simulate and calculate energy consumption. This data can then be analysed to produce a demand profile for the compressor system and subsequently an accurate compressor profile can be recommended. Installing the correct compressor for your system requirements is the first step in saving energy and reducing your energy costs.

Energy Recovery

The energy recovery option can capture heat and recover up to 75% of energy loss.

When looking at the typical carbon footprint of an air compressor - from the design phase right through to the equipment’s recycling - the energy consumed in its use accounts for 99% of CO2 emissions. As energy consumption also typically represents over 80% of a compressor’s lifecycle cost, energy savings in compressed air systems will have a significant impact towards preserving not only the environment but also your bottom line. While compressed air systems in general account for about 10% of total industrial electricity consumption, this can amount to as much as 40% of the electricity bill for certain plants.

How does compressor heat recovery work?
Up to 94% of the electrical energy is converted into compression heat. Without energy recovery, this heat is lost into the atmosphere via the cooling system and radiation.

You can use hot water recovered from the compressed air system for sanitary purposes and space heating. But it is particularly suitable for process applications. Using the hot water as boiler pre-feed or directly in processes requiring 70 to 90°C can save you costly energy sources such as natural gas and heating oil.