• CPVSd 20 Oil Injected VSD Driven Screw Compressor with 500 L Receiver + Dryer 4152018557

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    Advanced VSD direct drive in a perfect all-in-one solution

    CPVSd 20 is a super smart all-in-one solution that supports your business growth. Combining an intelligent Variable Speed Drive (VSD) with an advanced direct driven transmission together with a high-frequency motor, the CPVSd 20 is the most recommended compressed air solution for future-proof businesses. Up to 35% of energy saving can be achieved by this clever combination. High-quality elements are also used in making the CPVSd 20 a perfect compressor for you.

    Benefits of Variable Speed Drive (VSD)

    • High energy efficiency with an intelligent inverter and sensors
    • Smooth start - no peak current penalties on mechanical parts at start-ups (prolong components' life)
    • Reduced system pressure = Reduced energy consumption
    • Reduced system pressure = Minimised air leakages

    Key Benefits

    • Complete with 500L receiver and dryer
    • Highly efficient C55 Star Air-end
    • VSD + Direct drive - High energy efficiency
    • Low costs of ownership
    • Quiet: 65 dB(A)
    • ES4000 ADVANCED graphic controller


    Ideal Usage Engineering, Manufacturing
    Pump Displacement 258 - 2,217 L/min (9.1 - 78.3 CFM) @ 7 bar
    Motor Size 20 hp (15 kW)
    Tank Sizes 500 L
    Maximum Pressure 7 bar
    Type Variable Speed Direct Driven Screw
    Dimensions 1,415 x 655 x 1,555 mm
    Noise Level 65 dB(A)