• CPVS 30/8 oil injected VSD driven screw compressor (5.5-9.5 bar version) 4152006922

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    Pure energy saving from VSD benefits

    The CPVS 30 is an advanced 22 kW variable speed drive (VSD) air compressor. With an intelligent inverter, the motor speed is adjusted to match your air demand, resulting in up to 30% energy saving compared to a fixed speed machine of the same size. In short, a variable speed drive only runs at the required speed, maximising energy efficiency of the compressed air system. VSD compressors are ideal for fluctuating air demand common in a manufacturing environment. Apart from being installed as a stand-alone unit by itself, the CPVS 30 can also be networked to your existing fixed speed (load-unload) compressor acting as a regulator for the whole site, increasing the total efficiency to the next level.

    Benefits of Variable Speed Drive (VSD)

    • High energy efficiency with an intelligent inverter and sensors
    • Smooth start - no peak current penalties on mechanical parts at start-ups (prolong components' life)
    • Reduced system pressure = Reduced energy consumption
    • Reduced system pressure = Minimised air leakages

    Key Benefits

    • Advanced Variable Speed Drive (VSD)
    • Powerful and reliable C77 Air-end
    • High energy efficiency
    • Reliable and durable
    • Small footprint
    • Easy-to-use ES3000 controller


    Ideal Usage Engineering, Manufacturing
    Pump Displacement 1,020 - 3,620 L/min (36.0 - 127.8 CFM)
    Motor Size 30 hp (22 kW)
    Tank Sizes -
    Maximum Pressure 5.5 - 9.5 bar
    Type Variable Speed Belt Driven Screw
    Weight 419 kg
    Dimensions 1,208 x 830 x 1,220 mm
    Noise Level 74 dB(A)
    Options 10 bar version (7.5 - 12.5 bar)

Cost Saving & Benefits

Ash Air offers site audits including ultrasonic leak detection, data-logging, equipment and application assessments. Our certified engineers can analyse your system and suggest the best solution that will save you energy and money.