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Desiccant Dryers

Our innovative desiccant dryers give customers efficient protection against the presence of any humidity in the air, which often is the source of pipe corrosion and decreased efficiency of equipment and tools.

The Ash Air range of advanced technology 360-1080 m3/hr and 1188-10800 m3/hr adsorption air dryers are for customers who have a focus on energy efficiency and low operating costs, while maintaining the highest standards in air purity. Our Pneumatech blower purge air dryers use heated blower purge air to remove moisture from the desiccant material, which means no purge loss during regeneration.

The Pneumatech zero purge air dryers have the lowest lifecycle costs by getting rid of purge losses during regeneration and cooling. We supply heated purge adsorption air dryers that use distinctive, patented technological innovations with advanced energy saving features.

These Pneumatech heated desiccant air dryers provide highly efficient and effective solutions to meet the needs of any customer application. The Pneumatech desiccant dryers series also includes heatless adsorption air dryers ranging from 385-1080 m3/hr and 1188-5040 m3/hr. These adsorption air dryers use dry, expanded purge air to remove moisture from the desiccant material.