• Pneumatech PH700-2950HE heatless adsorbtion dryers 1188-5040 m3/hr WK1YFAH3X9

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    PH 700-2950HE Welded Heatless Dryers (1188-5040 m3/hr)

    PH heatless adsorption dryers use dry, expanded purge air to remove moisture from the desiccant material.

    • Advanced energy management for lowest operating costs
    • Compressor synchronization
    • Pressure dew point control 
    • Optional purge nozzle optimization
    • High-quality, high-efficient desiccant, selected for the right application
    • Minimal risk of crushed desiccant thanks to the large vessel diameter and the sonic nozzle (optional on PH230-635HE)
    • Counter-current regeneration for optimal energy efficiency and guaranteed dry air
    • High reliability and robust design
    • Low noise levels while purging
    • Designed for transportability
    • Optimal control and monitoring thanks to the Purelogic™ controller 

Saving and benefit

Ash Air offers site audits including ultrasonic leak detection, data-logging, equipment and application assessments. Our certified engineers can analyse your system and suggest the best solution that will save you energy and money.