• Pneumatech PPNG 6-68 S Pressure Swing Adsorbtion (PSA) N2 Generator 8102319194

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    Membrane Nitrogen generator achieving up to 95% - 99.5% purity 

    Pneumatech’s PMNG Nitrogen generators utilise membrane separation technology which allows all gases, except for Nitrogen, to escape through selective layers, leaving only Nitrogen in the system. They PMNG offers an excellent choice in low to medium (95% - 99.5%) purity applications. In addition, Nitrogen pressures can go up to 12 bar(g) without the need for an additional booster.

    With the PMNG, on-site nitrogen supply becomes exceptionally convenient. All pre-filters and controls are included inside the canopy. Only a supply of dry compressed air and electricity is needed to get Nitrogen at the outlet of the generator. An outlet buffer vessel is not required, which results in significant space savings and easy installation.

    With Purelogic controller, the PMNG offers impressive control and monitoring capabilities. Various pressure and temperature sensors ensure that the membranes are used in the right working conditions. The Nitrogen purity can easily be set with the purity regulator and is reliably monitored.

    Application: Tyre inflation, Fire prevention, Tank blanketing and Pipeline drying 

    Key Benefits

    • Long lasting membrane technology
    • Energy saving control
    • Reliable purity setting: 
    • Easy to use
    • All-in-one solution


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Saving and benefit

Ash Air offers site audits including ultrasonic leak detection, data-logging, equipment and application assessments. Our certified engineers can analyse your system and suggest the best solution that will save you energy and money.