• Chicago Pneumatic CPLB 6 LED Light Tower CPLB 6

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    The CPLB 6 is one of the most efficent light towers in the market today, lighting up the night while saving fuel, emissions and maintenance costs. It's compact and efficient, so it's easy to store and transport. The CPLB 6 is also designed to withstand harsh conditions of construction and road works.

    • Same luminosity as a 4,000 W metal halide light tower with up to 71% less fuel
    • The compact 1,500 rpm engine uses up to three times less fuel than a traditional light tower
    • Can be turned on and off automatically with the optional photocell or weekly timer - no need to send someone to the site.
    • High-quality components contribute to 500 hours of an extended service interval
    • Reduced CO2 emissions compared to the traditional light tower design

    • APPLICATIONS: general construction, road construction, rental, sports and music events, temporary public lighting, oil and gas, and stationary mining applications


    Key Benefits

    • EXCELLENT LIGHT COVERAGE Four high-efficiency 350 W LED floodlights with special optics deliver luminosity equal to four standard 1,000 W metal halide lights.
    • ADJUSTABLE The galvanized hydraulic vertical mast extends quickly to a height of 8 metre and rotates 340?.
    • DURABLE Galvanized steel canopy resists rust and corrosion, and the spillage-free frame contains fluids within the frame. Doors open wide for easy service access.
    • USER-FRIENDLY CONTROLS The Lc 1003 controller is specifically designed for light towers. It includes an event log, a weekly scheduler and remote start control.
    • EXTENDED RUNTIME Large fuel tank provides 260 hours of runtime between refueling.
    • COMPACT FOOTPRINT Up to 22 CPLB units can fit on one 13 metre truck for easy transport. The CPLB 6 also has a lifting beam and galvanized forklift pockets to help move the unit around the site.