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Q. What is an Air Receiver?
An Air Receiver is a storage vessel into which compressed air is discharged from the compressor. While acting as a storage reservoir for the air power, the receiver also eliminates pulsations in the discharge line from reciprocating compressors, and also provides a stable source of control air for compressor regulation. 

Q. How should I install my refrigerant dryer and receiver and what is the best configuration?

There are two basic possibilities for arranging a refrigeration compressed air dryer in a compressor station. It can either be installed before or after the compressed air receiver. No general decision on this matter is possible because there are advantages and disadvantages with both configurations

Q. Can I get a “free" compressed air energy audits from Ash Air?

The result of your "free" air energy audit will be a quotation for a brand new variable speed drive air compressor! If you really want to save energy, take the demand off the system which will switch compressors off. This will really cut your energy bills, servicing costs and reduce your carbon emissions.

However, to do this will take an experienced engineer time to investigate your system in order to work out exactly what's required to do it. The costs of our survey and any remedial works will be a drop in the ocean compared to the cost of installing and operating an air compressor.

Q. How much energy can we save by fixing the system rather than just buying a new more efficient air compressor to meet the existing air demand?

Industries standards state that approximately 25% of the power consumed by an air compressor is wasted in the form of leakage and incorrect pressure control. It can be as high as 50%. So, if you installed a new air compressor you'd still waste at least 25% energy. That's 25kw for every 100kw you install!

Q. Why Repair Compressed Air Leaks?

Leaks are one of the main significant forms of wasted energy in an industrial compressed air system, sometimes wasting 20-30% of a compressor’s output. Periodic leak detection and repair can reduce leaks to less than 10% of compressor output.

In addition to being a source of wasted energy, leaks can also contribute to other operating losses. Leaks induce a drop in system pressure, which can make air operated devices function less efficiently, adversely affecting production. In addition, by forcing the equipment to run longer, leaks shorten the life of almost all system equipment (including the compressor package itself). Increased running time can also lead to additional maintenance requirements and increased unscheduled downtime.

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